FHU- Foundation Hall University

Hello dear friends.  

This is Barbara Talley. While this site has been created for the pupil of the eye, the ultimate goal is that we all will come together as one human family. It is clear that as an African dispersed community separated by colonialism that we have much work to do separately to reconnect, de-program, and to heal ourselves. This space is for that purpose. However, the work we have to do isn’t dichotomous, it isn’t work within OR work together. I think we need to work for both.

With that dual responsibility, since December of 2020, I have been working daily in a united space to study together, learn from each other, and work toward that Oneness. You are also invited to attend that space for concentrated unified study whenever you are ready to, in addition to the programs that are offered in this space.

That space is called Foundation Hall University (FHU) . You can access it http://www.worldembracing.net or at this link, it has a great resource library of documents that we have studied over the past year. As the developer of that site, and the visionary of the original ARISE pupil of the eye conference held in Nashville in November 2019 and subsequent ARISE conferences, I created that space also to build community. 

The 2019 conference has been described by James Williams and others who attended it as a “sea change” and he graciously invited me into the virtual prayer call space that had been going on for eleven years, 365 days a year.  Those eleven years of prayer created a fertile ground for building a virtual meeting space that is now focusing on the elimination of racism, building community and elevating the station of black people designated as pupil of the eye.  You can click on the schedule on that site for daily prayer and conference call study to see what we’re studying and if you wish to join us, complete the invitation on the Welcome page to receive information on how to dial into the daily conversation.

 Inspired by the conference and anxious about the urgent need to focus on the “most VITAL and challenging issue” and moved by Sadie Oglesby’s twenty days with the Guardian back in 1927, the organizers in consultation with the participants agreed to allow me to transform the space into a virtual university focused primarily on restoring dignity to people of African descent. It has evolved into a space where after daily prayer, we study, reflect,  grow together. and keep the conversation focused on eliminating racial prejudice. 

While it was primarily created as a virtual physical space to coordinate efforts for our daily conference call reflections, it clearly has applicability for any group that wishes to use the space  to find pertinent documents, access the daily schedule, to join us, or become part of the expanding nucleus of race unity activists who choose to build their own tribes locally and use these resources without duplicating the effort.

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